Classroom Lecture Slides

CE 4011: Ancient and Modern Structures in Italy

  • Course Summary, 2009-2012 pdf icon
  • Brunelleschi’s Dome pdf icon
  • Calatrava Bridge In Venice pdf icon
  • Graphical Analysis of Structures and its Historical Roots
    • Equilibrium of Masonry Arches pdf icon
    • Graphical Analysis pdf icon
    • Maxwell Diagram pdf icon
    • Segmented Arch Notespdf icon
  • Leonardo da Vinci pdf icon
  • Pantheon pdf icon
  • Roman Concrete pdf icon
  • Roman Roads pdf icon
  • Tower of Pisa pdf icon

Mechanics Lectures

  • Sir Donald Bailey and the Bailey Truss pdf icon
  • Robert Hooke pdf icon
  • Texas Instruments Digital Light Projectors pdf icon

Research Presentation Slides

  • Adventures in Structural Design using Theoretical, Computational, and Experimental Fracture Mechanics pdf icon
  • Crack Tip Parameters in Polycrystalline Plates with Compliant Grain Boundaries pdf icon
  • I-35W Bridge Collapse Investigation and Nation’s Infrastructure pdf icon
  • MEMS Device for Nano-Mechanical Testing pdf icon
  • Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Collagen Fibrils pdf icon
  • Reverse Engineering of Biological Structures pdf icon
  • Structural Testing at the Micro and Nano Scales pdf icon
  • The Nation’s Infrastructure pdf icon