Publications (2001-2005)

2005 Publications

56. S. Eppell, B. Smith, H. Kahn and R. Ballarini, “Nano Measurements With Micro Devices: Mechanical Properties of Hydrated Collagen Fibrils,” Journal of the Royal Society Interface, doi: 10.1098/rsif.2005.0100. pdf icon

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2004 Publications

51. Y. Wang and R. Ballarini, “A Long Crack Penetrating a Transforming Inhomogeneity,” Journal of Applied Mechanics, Vol. 71, pp. 582-585, 2004. pdf icon

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48. H. Kahn, R. Ballarini and A.H. Heuer, “Dynamic Fatigue of Silicon,” Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science, Vol. 8, pp. 71-76, 2004. pdf icon

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2003 Publications

47. A. Ni, D. Sherman, R. Ballarini, H. Kahn, B. Mi, S.M. Phillips and A.H. Heuer, “Optimal Design of Multilayered Polysilicon Films for Prescribed Curvature,” Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 38 (special issue Mechanical Properties of MEMS Structures), pp. 4169-4173, 2003. pdf icon

46. Y. Wang and R. Ballarini, “A Long Crack Penetrating a Circular Inhomogeneity,” Meccanica (special issue in honor of Professor Piero Villaggio), Vol. 38, pp. 579-593, 2003. pdf icon

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2002 Publications

45. H. Kahn, R. Ballarini, J. Bellante and A.H. Heuer, “Fatigue Failure in Polysilicon Not Due to Simple Stress Corrosion,” Science, Vol. 298, pp. 1215-1219, Nov. 8, 2002. pdf icon

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43. Z.P. Bazant, Y.D.S. Rajapakse, D.H. Allen, R. Ballarini, H.D. Espinosa, H. Gao, R. Gettu, M. Jirasek, G. Pijaudier-Cabot, J. Planas and F.J. Ulm, “Report on ONR Workshop on Fracture Scaling,” International Journal of Fracture, Vol. 113, pp. 345-366, 2002. pdf icon

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2001 Publications

42. R. Ballarini, H. Kahn, N. Tayebi and A.H. Heuer, “Effects of Microstructure on the Strength and Fracture Toughness of Polysilicon: A Wafer Level Testing Approach,” Mechanical Properties of Structural Films,” ASTM STP 1413, American Society for Testing and Materials, pp. 37- 51, 2001.

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